[As promised to the lovely Ellie Hall…] Now, you can certainly consider me one of those who believes rules are made to be broken. No U-turn here? I don’t trust your logic. Restrooms are for customers only? I don’t think so. You need credentials beyond this point? Oh….they’re….in my other….bag…. However, there are 10 Golden […]

Swanee River – Hugh Laurie: Florida’s state song as sung by someone who was definitely not born in America (although, to my knowledge, no one has ever asked to see his birth certificate). Steal My Sunshine – Len: Welcome to the SUNSHINE State. My oldest memories of FLA were from the 90s, so this song […]

Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can slack off on your workout while you’re in Tampa for the GOP Convention. Exercise rooms in hotels are depressing, and will likely be packed with other journos and staffers who need to look their very best. It’s Florida – get outdoors. Here are the top five places […]

My good friend and fellow Tampanian Coleman (@colemanicewater) pointed out that not everyone I know could possibly be an alcoholic and I, therefore, was doing a disservice to my friends and roommate (we’re not friends until after the election) by not doing a rundown of the stuff to stuff your face with. Below is the […]

So you’re going to the GOP convention in Tampa. Whether you’re going for work or “pleasure” (we need to compare definitions of that word), you’re likely going to want to unwind after a long day of riveting political happenings. So what’s there to do in the lighting capital of the world? Below is a break […]